Customised Tech

Customise the tech. Get the results.

Most software providers provide software, end of story. We go deeper, customising and embedding your experiences into our technology to create a real and powerful SaaS solution.

Customisation is critical to success. Your solution should do exactly what you need it to, but with an off-the-shelf solution there are no guarantees it will perform effectively or for the entire business. It may even make matters worse. With Shapeshifter you get the results you’re looking for and the added value we create together. Following are three areas where customisation creates the most benefits.


Simplifies User
Experience (UI/UX)

Smooth Transition
Easy Onboarding

Powerful Features

Tech is useless without direction. Shapeshifter is naturally intuitive.

Shapeshifter provides ongoing benefits with features that save fabric waste and resources by streamlining processing and providing hyper-automation.



Infinity Engine

Parallel Processing

Unlimited Usage


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