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Shapeshifter is a cloud-based, fabric, & resource hyper-automation solution tailored to help fashion supply-chains overcome the pain of fabric costing, buying and cutting by reducing lead-times, effort & waste. With one easy-to-use subscription service, Shapeshifter creates fast cut-plans with uber-efficient markers, helping you drive sales, increase profits and support your ethical and sustainability goals.

Global challenges.
Unique needs.

One size does not fit all. We partner with fashion brands and large-scale apparel manufacturers whose individual requirements demand more than just an ordinary out-of-the-box solution. Our diagnostic approach uncovers the root cause of waste in each business. We question, we listen, we collaborate. We shape an extraordinary automation solution together.


Less effort.
No guesswork.

Hyper-automation takes care of the heavy lifting in your fabric costing, buying, cutting and CAD processes. No more guesstimating over complex variables and wrangling letraints and timeframes. No risk of over-or-under estimating. Just ease, speed and accuracy.


All the options.
All the styles.
All the time.

Using intelligent algorithms and massive parallel processing, our Infinity Engine computes all the markers in all the cut-plans for each style or PO, quickly delivering the best outcome. With access to the boundless computational resources of the cloud, hundreds of styles can be processed in this way at once. More production and less effort, in a fraction of the time.

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