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Any information uploaded through our "Contact" Page is subject to normal business confidentiality.

Our process begins with knowledge and expertise, helping you understand what is possible. Then we ask the right questions, gather the right data and analyse the details to uncover what you truly need. Once we know that, we deliver - and over-deliver - everything we can to support your ongoing success. It’s a sophisticated end-to-end solution that is simply smarter.

Our relationship with you is so much more than a sale. At Shapeshifter, we are driven by our fascination with problems and how to solve them. The closer we can get to your operation, the more we can solve for you. We commit to a unilateral nondisclosure agreement from the start so that, no matter what you share and show, we are bound to confidentiality.

Your critical information is our critical information and we only use it to build on your successes.

Hamish Dean, Founder & CEO

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